The Society maintains a library largely composed of periodicals published by twelve of the world's leading Alpine Garden Societies. We belong to these Societies because they are an important source of up to date information about Alpine Gardening that cannot be obtained from our local or regional libraries.

We are members of the following Societies:

North American Rock Garden Society
American Primrose Society
American Penstemon Society
Alpine Garden Club of British Columbia
Ontario Rock Garden Society
Botanical Society of South Africa
Scottish Rock Garden Society
Alpine Garden Society
Royal Horticultural Society
Saxifrage Society
Androsace Group of AGS
New Zealand Alpine Garden Society

Every year we receive more than 40 publications and some 120 newsletters from the Societies and their associated Chapters. The Newsletters are bound into monthly files. Every file has a contents page which lists the articles appearing in each Newsletter.

In the summer of 2005, we received a collection of over 150 gardening books from the Estate of the late Terry Vachon Leduc of Maxville, courtesy of her son Michael.

The Leduc collection is now catalogued and listed here

Members may reserve and sign out books by e-mailing Brian at