Mid-Spring in Kristl Walek's Garden

Clematis hirsutissima
A 30cm shrubby species that looks perfectly at home in any rock garden. Bloom continues throughout summer.

Degenia velebetica
This Slovenian native is short-lived here, but utterly enjoyed when it decides to stick around.

Gentiana acaulis
The sun-loving easy-to-grow stemless gentian flirts huge intricately-marked trumpets of iridescent blue.

Phlox hoodii
With a reputation for being temperamental- the plant has never given the gardener a moment's grief in 9 years.

Primula marginata
An accomodating, easy and sun-tolerant alpine primula.

Pulsatilla alpina apiifolia
The lovely yellow variant of the species flowers later than other Pasque flowers, with a wonderful ethereal quality.