ZB's Rhodo Trough

June 2006

September 2006

Plants: clockwise starting from upper right: Rhododendron 'April White' #1, Saxifraga brevifolia #1, Rhododendron 'April White' #2, Saxifraga brevifolia #2, Saxifraga x arendsii (#1, #2), Primula laurentiana
Trough was originally planted fall 2005, but the only surviving plant was R. 'April White' #1 (absolutely wonderful, was under the house eaves, hardly any snow cover, covered with a pine bough - definitely my kinda plant!)
Replanted in June 2006 with the other plants
Soil mix is cleaned stone dust, probably 1/4 of trough of pine needles, and some mushroom compost.
The only pink granite I had in the yard found its way into this trough. Very useful for watering actually (water the rock, and very little soil movement elsewhere).
Photos and data: ZB