Opuntia humifusa

Species: Opuntia humifusa
Growth habit: rounded prickly pads
Size of plant not in bloom: 10-20 cm
Flower colour: yellow edge with orange-red center
Height in bloom: 15-25 cm
Bloom time: June - July
Exposure: full sun
Soil: lean/scree, very well drained
Top-dressing or mulch: stonedust
Special conditions: do not place where children can touch
Propagation: division by removing pads
Germination: use GA-3
How long in current location & conditions:
Other: hardy perennial, use extreme caution in handling (use long barbecue tongs/long handled knife). In early spring, they look like dead, flat, wrinkled pads, they will come out of dormancy when soil is warm at roots.
Photos and data submitted by: JGW