Lewisia longipetala hybrid 'Little Plum'

Species: Lewisia longipetala hybrid 'Little Plum'
Growth habit: compact rosette with upright stems above foliage which carry large quantity of flower
Size of plant not in bloom: 6 cm
Flower colour: purple-pink with just a hint of orange upon opening, fade to lighter pink over time
Height in bloom: 15 cm
Bloom time: May – June (for several weeks)
Exposure: full sun
Soil: regular to scree, very well drained.
Top-dressing or mulch: stone dust
Special conditions: no winter wet, likes some moisture in early spring and dry in summer.
Propagation: from seed
Germination: GA-3, warm 2-4 weeks, stratify 4-6 weeks, cool 41-54 degrees F
How long in current location & conditions:
Other: perennial, long lived, succulent rosette will multiply each year
Photos and data submitted by: JGW