Early Spring in Kristl Walek's Garden

Corydalis solida transylanica
This tiny species is perfect for the rock garden. It looks precocious but is tough and showy, retreating underground after bloom.

Crevice Garden
The crevice garden was built using large pieces of local limestone and filled with good, sandy topsoil. It is kept top-dressed with small gravel.

Gentiana pumila delphinensis
My favorite spring gentian has an exceptionally long bloom period of almost a month in very early spring.

Saxifraga longifolia
This monocarpic species is a joy to watch getting larger over the years. In it's flowering year, it produces a fountain of flowers before expiring.

Tulipa wulfenii
A wonderful species tulip, with twisted grey foliage blooming right at ground level.

Vitaliana primulifolia
This beautiful and tough primula relative reliably smothers itself with bloom early each spring.